The Address Hotel & Residences

Abuja, Nigeria

Preserving natural landscape beauty with a new style of luxury

With involvement from the offset, Scape envisioned the vast masterplan & were subsequently contracted for all services through to Construction observation.

Inspired by the rich diversity of the local environment and cultural heritage, Scape infuses a modern style with residences terraced to create uninterrupted views towards the city. Set within the rolling green landscape of Abuja, The Address Hotel and Residences looks out over the heart of Centenary City with superior views of the countryside beyond. The natural setting offers a perfect vantage point from which to experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle on offer to residents and hotel guests.

With security in this region a key consideration, the development offers a safe haven for all who live there, with specific measures subtly integrated into the landscape to provide an unobtrusive yet warm welcome.


CLIENT: Eagle Hills
OPERATOR: The Address
STATUS: Under design
SIZE: 38 hectares
TEAM: HKS Architects, HBA Interior Design, AECOM, DAR Group, Fountains Direct, Splash International, Irritech