Taghazout Bay Resort

Agadir, Morocco

Resort masterplan with its heart in conservation

By safeguarding and preserving the natural landscape, Scape’s Masterplan integrates energy efficient principles and a philosophy of responsible consumption.

Covering 615ha of natural hillside and 4.5km of coastline north of Agadir, Taghazout is a world-class Kyle Phillips golf destination comprising luxury hotels, residences, sports and leisure activities – with sustainability and conservation at its heart. Located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the area has a rich cultural heritage. The design promotes active participation in the socio-economic development of the Region. Integrating community cooperatives, hosting sporting and traditional events, the resort introduces a new Medina with crafts, markets and restaurants.

Management and conservation of natural features such as wadis and Argan tree covered hillsides are integral to the proposals featuring green belts, designated hiking trails and the protection and promotion of biodiversity.


CLIENT: SAPST (consortium) /SMIT
STATUS: Under construction
SIZE: 615 hectares
TEAM: WATG; Kyle Phillips Golf Course Design