Kaunas, Lithuania


Scape collaborated with Oppenheim Architecture for the international competition to design a new museum in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. Our proposal seeks to align with the city’s plans to create links to adjacent developments, and capitalizes on the exciting opportunity by becoming the actual link. The architecture serves as an icon, while integrating with the existing context to become a ‘good resident’ in the park. Lookouts from within the floating galleries reframe familiar sceneries, allowing exciting views of the city to emerge as they have never been experienced before.

During the last thirty years seventy-percent of the wetlands in Lithuania have been lost, together with many valuable native grasslands. The existence of these ecosystems is seriously threatened by agricultural intensification, with many natural areas being reclaimed, converted to arable land, afforested or built on. This has led to the loss of biodiversity and soil and water degradation.

The landscape concept strives to re-introduce and seamlessly integrate these precious native habitats, creating an educational and recreational resource for the city of Kaunas. The ambition is to communicate the museum exhibits to the external environment by significantly increasing biodiversity in flora and fauna while ensuring that all human activities – play, sport, relaxation & rejuvenation – are maintained and enhanced.

Picture Credit: Oppenheim Architecture


STATUS: Competition Entry
TEAM: Oppenheim Architecture