Crete, Greece

Engaging history with contemporary landscape

Scape completed a simple yet striking scheme building on the foundation of the Cretan elements of water, fire and earth.

The proposals feature a series of interlocking tranquil courtyards, colonnades and vistas within a strong axial geometry. Transforming the existing 1970s surroundings in to an elegant and highly contemporary destination, traditional materials are employed in a unique & distinctive manner.

Designed in the style of the ancient Minoan palaces, the refurbished five-star resort made the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List 2010 when it re-opened. The successful fusion of interior and exterior sets the hotel apart from its competitors, resulting in a multitude of experiences for guests.


CLIENT: Grecotel S.A.
OPERATOR: Grecotel S.A.
STATUS: Opened 2009
SIZE: 7 hectares
TEAM: WATG; Firefly Lighting Design