Above & Beyond

UK, London

Inside The Rooftop Bar

Bringing the outside in, Scape’s Above and Beyond roof top bar at Sleep was constructed within London’s premier Hotel Design Conference in 48 hours.

With the design developed as a representation of our values and approach for the hospitality industry, we provided a unique and immersive visitor experience within spaces that offer flexibility and ultimately, buildability. The design explored scale and enclosure using bespoke structures, partitions and planting to an exterior grade of finish.

With the London skyline as a backdrop, the bar provided an elegant and intimate space capturing the unique experience of outdoors, connecting the visitor with their surroundings, indoors. The bar became a constant draw for delegates throughout the event, holding relaxed and casual meetings during the day and in the evening, the Sleep Awards after-party.


STATUS: Complete
SIZE: 115 sqm
TEAM: Sleep/UBM; Kettal