Humanities greatest challenge has arisen out of separation from the natural world. The almost eight billion human inhabitants of this planet have become out of sync with their inherent connection to nature due to the growth of urbanisation and globalisation, leading to unprecedented devastation of the planet and, for many, a disturbing sense of feeling lost in life. This has led to an inner desire to find the missing connection – typically met through travel and tourism to the untouched, beautiful parts of the globe, but not always to great effect.

Working in-step with the needs of our contemporary world, Scape Design’s role is both pioneering and questioning, caught between the economic reality of commercial projects and our desire to address the global impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss and population growth. As a progressive practice, we choose to meet these challenges head-on, but it is not always an easy path to follow.

Human beings are the Earth’s custodial species, and so we believe in a paradigm shift in all areas of our work, as we advocate new approaches to establishing nature in the urban fabric and new kinds of tourism that allow us all to live in a conscious relationship with the planet. We are passionate advocates of reforestation and planting more trees as part of the solution, but our primary goal is to foster the remembering of what it means to coexist with nature, to ensure a healthy life for future generations.

As landscape architects, we are committed to engaging with, and furthering the debate on, how best to reconnect humanity with nature so as to meet the defining challenges of our time.  We work to integrate natural cycles and systems into environments across all scales, from urban squares to tourism masterplans. We use our experience to choreograph projects that work in harmony with nature and seek to deliver opportunities for local communities to diversify and create sustainable, circular economies. Our aim is to ensure environmental resilience and a better future for this planet as well as all species who call it home.

From day one, our knowledge of human behaviour and humankind’s deep-rooted emotional response to nature, has been integral to everything this practice has created. At our core we are story tellers, leading people on exciting, playful and often whimsical journeys that celebrate all that is good in feeling alive. We promote harmony, well-being, connection and an increase in local biodiversity, especially through the planting of more trees. This has been achieved through our creative process which involves deep thinking, exploration and innovation, always in collaboration with our clients and fellow design team members.

Our commitment to challenging the current climate and biodiversity emergencies include:

Promoting our relationship with nature
Planting more trees. No tree is a bad tree!
Environmental education, research and increasing our skill base
Reducing our carbon footprint
Exploring the process of circular economies
Driving towards regenerative design and biodiversity gain
Promoting the UN Goals for Sustainable Development

In other words – Environmental and social responsibility for future generations.