The Global Challenge for the 21st Century is Environmental Sustainability

There is a growing need for developments to be designed and constructed in a sustainable manner and when operational, minimize their environmental footprint.

Scape is passionately committed to helping our Clients deliver developments that they can be proud of, creating positive economic and environmental legacies for the region or city in which they are located.

We regularly find ourselves working in truly extraordinary locations and believe it is our duty to mitigate the impact of development. We design landscapes that work harder and perform better, thus minimizing their environmental impact.

The value we add to our projects is often a direct result of a powerful connection between the ‘guest’ and the natural environment. As a priority we seek to identify, preserve and enhance a sites’ biodiversity, its ecological systems and as a consequence – its natural beauty.

Above all, we believe that environmental awareness should not be viewed as a limitation of a projects potential, but as an exciting challenge that will produce a new generation of innovative and environmentally responsible developments. If not already in place and where appropriate, we recommend that our projects be linked to an established Sustainability Rating System.