Scape Design, an international landscape architectural and environmental planning practice was conceived in 1999 by Philip Jaffa and opened in 2000. His understanding of the world back then was not too different from now and he has always encouraged debate around greater connection to, and understanding of, the human relationship to nature and the wider planet.

As such, he has always adapted the practice to the world around us – a flexibility that has allowed us to remain true to purpose and to be thought and creative leaders in all that we have achieved.

However, it is now clear that the world as we know it is on an environmental precipice, with climate change and the alarming loss of the planet’s flora and fauna, through deforestation, depletion and loss of quality soils and harmful human activities. We are facing a bleak future unless we stand up and act.

So, as we have always done, and true to spirit, we are again realigning our heartfelt values and the way we work to meet the immense environmental challenges we face, ensuring we stay relevant, awake to the planet’s needs and conscious of the role we play as the landscape custodian of every project.

As such there is huge opportunity for clients to work in collaboration with Philip and his team in responding to the environmental design challenges of the 21st Century, ensuring that nature’s values come first and lead our thinking and approach in all we create.