Landscape Design and Luxury are both about people

We place guest experience front and centre and achieve work that creates journeys and tells stories. We provoke an emotional response in every project, from remote luxury to urban chic.

Today’s guests and residents crave ever-increasing levels of quality and experience. We create award winning, world class environments that provide these discerning customers with unique places and spaces to congregate, contemplate and meditate.

Our approach is to increase the marketability of the projects we work on, we continue to maximise the potential of our client’s development by working with them and their partners from Day 1. We create briefs, thoughtful site plans, detailed design and construction reviews through to the opening day.

“We’ve always tried to be at the intersection of design, technology and service, to treat everyone as a guest awakening their imagination. We create journeys and tell stories, building deep emotional connections to every property we design. Our work is always playful, calming, easy to use and provides an overriding sense of luxury by celebrating the needs of each and every individual.”

Phil Jaffa
Founder / Director