''Conference of The Trees'' - COP26 Glasgow

Curated by Artist Es Devlin in close collaboration with our very own “forest architect” Philip Jaffa and Urban green specialist Scotscape.

Es looks to bring audiences into a parallel conference through the immersive “Conference of the Trees” which will manifest as a temporary forest of 197 trees and plants representing the 197 countries that have ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The temporary forest will house talks and events hosted by The New York Times – Climate Hub and provide attendees space for reflection and creative thought on climate change.

Ms. Devlin explained the significance of her work and how it aims to resonate with Climate Hub audiences.

“The installation is inspired by Richard Powers’ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Overstory, in which the trees are the lead protagonists while the humans form the subplot. I am interested in placing Climate Hub visitors within an environment of a parallel gathering of trees, as if the trees are bearing witness, listening, and observing the progress that the humans may or may not make during the program of talks and COP26 negotiations which many are describing as our species’ last chance to making the changes necessary to avert  even more profound climate crisis.”

The species will be selected to thrive in the Scottish environment as part of a public garden to be established in cooperation between SWG3 and The New York Times. The trees will be donated by The New York Times as part of the community legacy of the Climate Hub.